A Passionate Mother-Daughter Team Shaping the Future of Gymnastics in Our Community

The Journey Begins

Funtastic Gymnastics is excited to share the heartwarming story of our dedicated and enthusiastic owners, Coach Jenna and Michele Osoria. Their passion for gymnastics and commitment to the community have shaped the exceptional experience our clients have come to expect at Funtastic Gymnastics.

A young girl in a red and black leotard is standing on one foot.

Jenna Age 5

Coach Jenna A Lifetime of Gymnastics

From a young age, Coach Jenna found her passion in gymnastics, starting her journey at Funtastic Gymnastics when she was just five years old. She thrived as a competitive gymnast for eight years before discovering her true calling as a coach. For the past decade, Coach Jenna has dedicated herself to the gym, working her way up from coach to General Manager and now co-owner. She is grateful for the support of the Funtastic community and excited about the opportunity to continue providing exceptional service and making improvements along the way.

A woman standing in front of a building with the words " funtastic gymnastics ".
Michele and Jenna

Michele Osoria A Mother-Daughter Dream

Michele Osoria, Jenna's mother, is thrilled to partner with her daughter as co-owner of Funtastic Gymnastics. After 37 years in the insurance industry, Michele is looking forward to a FUNtastic and meaningful career that allows her to give back to the community she raised her children in. As a mother-daughter team, they share a vision of inspiring young gymnasts and fostering a supportive, nurturing environment for all.

Together, We Rise Our Commitment to the Funtastic Family

As owners of Funtastic Gymnastics since 2023, Coach Jenna and Michele are committed to upholding the legacy of the gym while continually striving to enhance the gymnastics experience for all. With a strong emphasis on safety, skill development, and fun, they aim to provide an inclusive, welcoming atmosphere where every child can thrive and enjoy the many benefits of gymnastics.

Funtastic trophy team
National Team 1
National Team 2

The Funtastic Future Innovation and Growth

Funtastic Gymnastics has embarked on a new chapter with Coach Jenna and Michele at the helm. They are excited to explore innovative ideas, expand programs, and further enrich the experience for the gymnasts and their families. They will work tirelessly to ensure that Funtastic Gymnastics remains a cherished community institution for generations to come.