Funtastic Policies


Welcome to Funtastic Gymnastics

Dear Parents,

 Congratulations on caring enough to invest in your child’s future physical and mental development. We are pleased you have chosen our gym for your child. We pledge to uphold our philosophy, provide a fun and safe environment, and to raise your child’s self-esteem. Our lesson plans and curricula are designed to these ends. This handbook will help to acquaint you with our policies and programs we offer at Funtastic Gymnastics. Please discuss the safety policies with your child. Funtastic Gymnastics offers many different classes. We have toddler through preschool classes in their own space for the little ones with fun lesson plans. In the main gym we offer School Age Recreation Gymnastics, Tumbling classes, Tumbling and Trampoline, and a Trampoline and Tumbling Competitive Team. Our classes in the main gym all have progressive lesson plans. All students receive the same attention and instruction regardless of ability levels or future plans to join one of our teams. Additionally we host the world’s greatest birthday parties on Saturdays and Sundays. Also, our Open Gyms are a great way for your child to have some supervised fun and burn off some extra energy.  If you have any questions, please drop by the office or talk with any of our coaches. Most of the improvements made throughout the years are directed from our customers. Please help us in our aim to please you! Our staff is looking forward to working with your child, and allowing them to have fun in a clean, safe atmosphere. Thank you for your confidence in our programs and staff. We promise to deliver a professional gymnastics environment. We pledge to astound you!Enthusiastically,  Funtastic Gymnastics Staff

Policies of Funtastic Gymnastics

Parent’s Responsibilities -  Parents and children who arrive at the gym are to remain in the waiting area sitting in a chair until the instructor signals the beginning of class. Brothers and Sisters that are not enrolled in a class must remain in viewing area(including in toddler classes). Children ages 3 and under must be accompanied to the restroom and parents must be present during their class time. Please leave the coaching to us and do not talk to your children or try to help them during class. Your effort to coach them may contradict what their coach is asking them to do. Please remember that proper warm up and stretch is a crucial element to the class. Getting children to class on time is important. Also, try to keep your commitment to your class day and time, because the learning process can be achieved easier through continuity. 

Parents Picking Up Late- Getting children to class and picking them up on time is important. Although if you are going to be late picking up your child please give us a call and let us know. Children are not allowed to wait outside the door and must remain in a chair until a parent arrives to pick them up. 

Parent Pointers- We hope that you watch your child’s class and look for overall improvement and be sure to compliment your child often. Whether your child becomes an olympian is of little importance to us, however they all have the opportunity to do so. Our goal is to make them feel good about themselves and learn. The benefits of gymnastics are far greater than just learning gymnastics skills.

Change of Address/Phone: Please notify us of change of address, email, and phone numbers. 

Tuition and Classes

Tuition-  When you register, the spot is yours until you decide to leave. We require a 3 week written drop notice using our drop form from the office. Tuition is due on the 1st of the month and is late after the 10th. If tuition is not paid by the 10th a $15 late fee will be added to your account. If you pay by the 7th you are entered into the early bird drawing to win a free month.  Each client pays an annual registration fee of $46 per child or $69 per family. We accept cash, debit/credit, and checks (written to FUNTASTIC GYMNASTICS with child’s name in the memo). There will be a $20 chard for all NSF checks. We can also take debit/credit cards over the phone. 

Multiple Class Discount & Family Discount- (These are great savings, don’t pass them up.) Any child who takes two classes a week receives a 5% and three classes a week receives a 10% discount.  Children learn much faster when they review the skills multiple times a week along with their strength, flexibility increases. A 5% discount applies for any family with two enrolled children and a 10% discount for any family with three enrolled children. A 5% discount is applied when you pay for three months in advance and a 10% discount for the Jan-April, May-August, September-December. A max total of 15% discount can be applied.

Make Up Classes-  To be entitled to a make-up you must call to let us know you will not be in class. You are entitled to 2 make ups per month and the make-up must be done during the month it was missed. Please call the office to schedule make-up classes. If you schedule a make-up and do not show up, your make-up class will be forfeited. Missed classes can never be deducted from tuition. Open gym is preferred for make-ups. 

Moving To A New Class: If you child is moving into a new level class or age division we strongly suggest that you come watch the class before you are scheduled to start so you know what to expect. 

Gymnastics Attire

Attire- Girls: A leotard with work out shorts over them are the prefered and safest attire for gymnastics skills and coaches spotting. Aside from a leotard, a fitted shirt and shorts/leggings may be worn. (no buttons, snaps, zippers, jeans, excessively baggy clothes) Baggy attire makes spotting skills nearly impossible. Boys: Fitted shirt and shorts (not buttons, snaps, zippers, ,jeans, excessively baggy clothes)Children with unsafe attire may not be allowed to participate in class

Class Discipline and Safety

Discipline and Safety: We expect good manners and a positive attitude from the children. If a child is disruptive or disrespectful to a teacher or other students, they will be given time out to decide if they want to participate. They will always be given a second chance. Children 4 and up must be able to stay at their designated area and practice their station. A child running around the gym is a safety hazard for themselves and everyone around them. It is very likely that the child running around or not in designated area will be kicked or ran into by another child doing a gymnastics skill, possibly resulting in injury to both children. Talk to your children about the importance of following directions for the safety of themselves and everyone around them. 

Our Facility

Food/Drink Facility Cleanliness: There are no colorful drink allowed in the gym. Water is the best thing for your child to drink. Please consume food outside. We pride ourselves in our gym, bright colors, excellent equipment, and its cleanliness. We clean the gym daily. Please help us keep it clean by following our food and drink policies.