Boys Trampoling & Tumbling

Boys Trampoline & Tumbling

Boys Trampoline and Tumbling!

This class is designed for all boys ages 6+. Our classes begin with a brief warm-up and stretching period, followed by station work on the designated apparatus for that week. In this class children will learn skills on the trampoline, double mini, and rod tumbling floor. They will learn the importance of proper form in their skills and the importance of strength and flexibility in gymnastics. This class is designed for children wanting to work up towards the competition T&T Team. Athletes in this class will learn prerequisite USAG skills and routines. Moving to the T&T Team will be at the coach’s discretion based upon the students skill level. 

55 Minute Class

1 Class a Week- $69 per month

2 Classes a Week - $131.10

Yearly Registration Fee- $46 (for one child)

Yearly Family Registration Fee - $69 (for more than one child