Funtastic Staff

Russ and Leanne

Russ and Leanne have been the proud parents of Funtastic Gymnastics since September 5th 2001. Leanne manages the office and Russ manages Leanne. Russ operates Harmony Research and spends much of his time in the mountains at Harmony Woods. Russ also likes to spend his time jumping from perfectly good airplanes. He has been in and around gymnastics since age 9. He was once a performing acrobat from 1956 to 1961 and in the past has coached Funtastic’s Tumbling and Trampoline team for three years.

Leanne is a RYT (registered yoga teacher) and will pursue a Yoga Therapy certificate in August. She plans to spend her (elusive) retirement teaching yoga. Together they love to travel the world and squeeze in time with an ever increasing number of grandchildren. They currently have 8 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren with number 9 on the way in August 2015.

Coach Jenna

Jenna has been coaching with us for 5 years. Prior to coaching she did recreation artistic gymnastics for two years before switching to Acrobatic Gymnastics. She competed in acrobatic gymnastics for 6 years and made it all the way to level 10. She brought home many medals including state, region, and national titles from all over the country before retiring from the sport. She then ended up working here at her childhood gym where she first began gymnastics. Coaching the team inspired her to begin competing again. The 2015 season was her first time ever training and competing in trampoline and tumbling. She brought home multiple medals during the season including State and Region 2 champion in Tumbling. She competed again in the 2016 season and met her personal goal of competing level 8 all around. Now the 2017 season has begun and she has decided to focus solely on coaching our growing team.  In 2015 Jenna also got back into Acrobatic Gymnastics and competed in Valley’s Got Talent. In 2016 Her group called Acro Continuum competed again in Valley’s Got Talent and won their category. In her spare time she enjoys horseback riding. She recently graduated with her AA and AS degree and has hopes of owning a gym one day so she can continue to teach kids something that she is so passionate about.

Here at Funtastic Gymnastics, Jenna is our Program Director. Jenna oversees our Preschool, Recreation and Team department as well as training new staff members. She is constantly continuing her education so that she can continue to make fun and progressive lesson plans for our recreation department. Jenna coaches all levels including our competitive T&T Team.

Coach Jessie

Jessie has been with us a Funtastic Gymnastics for 5 years. She began gymnastics at the age of 3 and spent some of those years in our gym where she was apart of our Trampoline and Tumbling Team in 2006. In 2014 we started out competition team which inspired Jessie to compete one more time in 2015. Now she focuses on coaching our preschool age children and our competition team. When she was 8 years old she also began cheerleading which she continued throughout high school. She was the captain of her high school cheer team and had the opportunity to go to New York for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. She traveled alone to New York, spent Thanksgiving in the parade and met new friends that she still has to this day. After High School Jessie attended Delta College and graduated with her AA degree, she is still continuing her education and hopes to become a school teacher. As well as working at Funtastic, Jessie also works with kids with autism. She enjoys both of her jobs because she loves teaching children and helping them grow and improve.

Here at Funtastic Gymnastics Jessie is our Preschool Director. While she is qualified to teach all levels, her main focus is with the preschool age children. She is constantly continuing her education and is responsible for making our fun, themed lesson plans for ages walking through five.

Coach Jen

Coach Kelly

Kelly has been with us at Funtastic Gymnastics for two years. She started cheerleading whens he was five years old and cheered for a pop warner team as well as year of competitive cheer and tumbling classes. In high school she did cheerleading for all four years where was the captain of her cheer team for two years. She is currently going to college in hopes of becoming a social worker. She enjoys working with children and seeing them succeed!

Coach Juliana

Coach Malia

Coach Ryan