Fabulous 4-5's

Fabulous 4-5's!

Fabulous 4-5's

Our classes begin in our preschool area with a brief warm-up and stretching period, followed by station work on the designated apparatus for that week. (There is a rotation schedule each coach follows to guarantee each class alternates equipment.) Coaches follow a fun themed lesson plan. All of the children in this class are four-five years old and will practice basic gymnastics skills as well as work on their fine and gross motor skills. This class is a stepping stone toward the Superstarter class, where more independence and harder skills will be introduced. Our facility has a poster program for each child to track their progress at home. 

55 Minute Class

1 Class a Week - $69 per month

2 Classes a Week - $131.10 per month

$40 Yearly Registration Fee

$69 Family Yearly Registration Fee