Benefits of gymnastics


Gymnastics provides endless learning opportunities that result in numerous benefits across many domains. Simply being enrolled in gymnastics classes can drastically increase children's essential skill set. It is an awesome physical activity that fosters children's overall development. Below lists only some of the benefits related to each domain of children's developments as well as some of our Funtastic testimonies!

Physical/ Motor Development

-Hand-eye coordination


-Body awareness




-Gross and Fine motor skills

Social/ Emotional Development

-Improved self-esteem and confidence

-Social interaction



-Politeness / Sharing

-Communication Skills

Cognitive Development

-Problem Solving

-Extends attention span

-Lessens separation anxiety

-Following directions and setting goals

-Overcoming fears

-Focus/ Concentration

-Introduction to multiple instruction styles


-Working through distractors

-Self direction / working independantly


General Concepts

-Fundamental Movements

-Performing in front of people


-Importance of repetition and practice

-Understanding of scheduling

-Concepts of prepositions/ directions

-Practice counting/ colors

-Hard work ethic


Funtastic Testimonials!

Family attending for 2 years

Family Attending for 6 years!

Family Attending for 6 years!

My granddaughter is fast approaching the 5 year anniversary of an event that changed a sweet little 6 year olds life. Having to learn many things over and struggling at times with things we all take for granted she found her heart in gymnastics. Her doctors, teachers and family can see the major improvements she has made since joining gymnastics. Her teachers brag on how far she has moved forward since this has been a part of her life. Her physical therapist noticed the major difference in her balance and motor skills and listened to her talking about being in gymnastics and how it was her favorite thing to do. She was released from their therapy and told to keep up the good work. As a happy 11 year old she claims that gymnastics will always be a part of her her family I hope that is always true.

Family Attending for 6 years!

Family Attending for 6 years!

Family Attending for 6 years!

My daighter has been attending Funtastic Gymnastics for six years. She is now 12 years old. While she loves gymnastics and is quite good at it, attending regular gymnastics classes at Funtastic has resulted in her being a stronger, more balanced and fit athlete in general! I highly recommend!