Benefits of gymnastics

Gymnastics provides endless learning opportunities that result in numerous benefits across many domains. Simply being enrolled in gymnastics classes can drastically increase children's essential skill set. It is an awesome physical activity that fosters children's overall development. Below lists only some of the benefits related to each domain of children's developments.

Physical/ Motor Development

-Hand-eye coordination


-Body awareness




-Gross and Fine motor skills

Social/ Emotional Development

-Improved self-esteem and confidence

-Social interaction



-Politeness / Sharing

-Communication Skills

Cognitive Development

-Problem Solving

-Extends attention span

-Lessens separation anxiety

-Following directions and setting goals

-Overcoming fears

-Focus/ Concentration

-Introduction to multiple instruction styles


-Working through distractors

-Self direction / working independantly


General Concepts

-Fundamental Movements

-Performing in front of people


-Importance of repetition and practice

-Understanding of scheduling

-Concepts of prepositions/ directions

-Practice counting/ colors

-Hard work ethic