All-Around gymnastics

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All-Around Gymnastics

Our classes begin in our main gym with a brief warm-up and stretching period, followed by station work on the designated apparatus for that week.  Coaches follow a level appropriate progressive lesson plan. Every child, ages 6 and up, begins in a Superstarter class (Level 1) until evaluated by a coach to determine proper placement. Children will practice gymnastics skills depending on their level but as the child progresses, harder skills will be introduced. Children will also learn about the importance of strength and flexibility in gymnastics and learn how correctly stretch and do basic strength building exercises. Our facility has a poster program for each child to track their progress at home and show when they are ready to move up a level. We separate our classes by level and ages 6-9 and 10+. 

55 Minute Class

1 Class a Week - $69 per month

2 Classes a Week - $131.10 per month

$46 Yearly Registration Fee

$69 Family Yearly Registration Fee